Turnkey Wholesale Food ingredients Solution

  • HaggleBulk is a raw material wholesale business that deals in dietary and nutritional brands. Our experience allows us a tremendous advantage, helping us to grow with confidence in an area that is not just a niche, but an unexplored avenue.Our team comprises talented individuals who know the industry inside and out.
  • With understanding the norms and the alternatives in our industry operation, we’re geared to take orders, process information, and make deliveries rapidly. We realized that speed of delivery following order processing, and that too at a low price, mattered to consumers. Buyers are constantly on the lookout for such service, and this is what drives our business concept.
  • Our mission, as a B2B Marketplace platform, is to target customers with overstock inventory that’s close to expiry. Our aim is to drive these sales quickly so that the price is competitive and well below the market price.
  • The primary idea is to redistribute resources so that the seller gains significantly, and creates easy sourcing for buyers with tremendously attractive pricing.
  • While you will likely find platforms that sell fresh premium product at the market price, HaggleBulk has an entirely unique focus since it targets products near expiring date and overstock inventory. Our platform manages the whole inventory while sellers can dedicate their focus to selling fresh inventory.
  • Potential buyers also save a significant amount of time and money especially when they opt for lower costs on consumable goods. However, we ensure that quality is never compromised. To fulfill this, we offer a ‘Sample Request’ functionality. Buyers can request for small amounts and get their hands on small amount of sample for determination.